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We’ve brought top quality skin care products to Yakima for our estheticians to utilize. We use glo Skin Beauty and PCA as our go-to products for all our skin care techniques. Their products incorporate innovative technology to enhance skin’s radiance, tone, and texture with active concentrations of ingredients targeted to clinically transform skin.
Signature Glo Facial
This relaxing facial includes cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, facial and decollete massage, extractions (if necessary) with steam, treatment masque, and hydration to oxygenate and balance the skin leaving it nourished and refreshed.
50 Minutes
On The Go Facial
A quick facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate, masque and hydrate your skin when you don't have time for our Signature Facial or are looking for maintenance in between Signature Facials.
35 Minutes
Bringing Sexy Back
This back treatment begins with a deep pore cleansing and includes exfoliation with steam, a light shoulder, neck, and back massage followed by a treatment masque, topped off with a moisturizer to leave skin feeling clean and polished.
30 Minutes
Just For The Boys
This facial is for you fellas! Our gentle yet detoxifying facial revitalizes a man's skin without dehydration, while focusing special attention to sensitive areas due to shaving. Effectively renews skin tone and texture and leaves the face a soft matte finish.
40 Minutes
Acne 101
A facial designed for those struggling to keep their skin clear (teens!) and for anyone looking to treat and prevent breakouts. This facial includes a sit down consultation to discuss home care products and routines plus ways to get your skin back on track.
75 Minutes
Swagger 365
Be a show stopper at your next event! This treatment includes our Signature Glo Facial with an added Microdermabrasion treatment to exfoliate those pesky dead surface cells. Finish this service with a Bat Your Lashes eyelash tint and a Signature Eyebrow Design to turn heads and be the talk of the town.
90 Minutes
Glo-luminous Facial
Revitalize tired, dull skin with a powerful blend of antioxidants, brighteners, and moisturizing agents designed to treat hyperpigmentation and even skin tone resulting in a more luminous complexion.
60 Minutes
Dermaplaning or Blading, is an exfoliation procedure designed to smooth the appearance, reduce fine lines, and reduce acne scarring. Basically, it "levels" your epidermis. The innovative technique carefully removes the layers of the epidermis, ridding the face of the dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’ that can trap in dirt and oils. The procedure will allow for new skin to appear, brightening the complexion, and stimulate collagen production. Dermaplaning is completely safe and non-invasive with no downtime. See our FAQ page for more details.
50 Minutes
Pumpkin, Spice,
& Everything Nice
Retexturize and rejuvinate your skin while you relax during this 75 minute facial. This facial includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation, skin analysis, extractions (if needed), facial massage, corrective serums, and finishing products to sooth, hydrate, and protect. This facial features the PCA Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask and pumpkin wine-based toner designed to refine the appearance of pores and smooth out textured skin leaving a glowing complexion. Enjoy extra time for massage during this facial with your choice of either arm or leg massage while you mask & steam.
75 Minutes
Endulge in our Signature glo Facial with the added benefit of a Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment designed to soften fine lines and acne scars. Your skin will be glowing for weeks!
50 Minutes
Package of 5
50 Minutes
Age Smart
Chemical Peels
Give your skin a revitalizing power boost and correct signs of aging with our Age Smart Peel options. Chemical exfoliation breaks down the cohesive material that holds dead skin cells together allowing skin to regenerate at a faster rate. Depending on the product used and strength, chemical exfoliation can greatly reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines, superficial scar tissue, acne, and other problematic skin issues. A complimentary consultation is recommended.
Flower Enzyme
Recommended for all skin types and is a gentle exfoliant for sensitive skined.
$15 add on to your facial of choice
Salicylic 30%
Recommended for Acne-prone or uneven skin texture. Salicylic has antiseptic properties and deeply cleans oily, congested pores while leaving the complexion balanced.
$20 add on to your facial of choice
Glycolic 30%
Recommended for uneven skin tone, aging skin, ingrown hairs, and acne-prone. Glycolic is a fast acting exfoliant appropriate for most skin types.
$20 add on to your facial of choice
Jessner Peel
Jessner is a synergy of Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Citric Acid, Hydroquinone (lightening agent), and Resorcinol (flaking agent). Jessner has a transformative affect on more resilient, thicker skin and sun damage. This a versatile treatment, which can be adjusted depending on the layers applied. Applications and frequency of a Jessner Peel will be determined upon a skin analysis and consultation with our guest. SE Waxing Studio uses PCA or Glo Therapeutics for all Jessner services.
45 Minutes
Itsy Bitsy Jessner Peel
Do ingrown hairs and inflammation have you hiding your bikini line? Sometimes no matter what form of hair removal we attempt ingrown hairs can happen. The Itsy Bitsy Jessner Peel has all the benefits of our facial Jessner Peel but applied to the bikini line. Ladies, we are talking serious results!
20 Minutes
PCA Oxygenating Trio
This three step formulation is great for smokers, asphyxiayed skin (dry on the surface and oily underneath), dull complexions, diffused redness and acne. Circulate some oxygen, antioxidants, and enzymes into your skin and the results will be glowing and radiant!
45 Minutes
PCA Sensi Peel
Our Sensi Peel is a unique peeling option for guests with highly sensitive skin. This gentle 6% TCA solution will improve texture and brighten allowing for a more even skin tone while reducing fine lines.
45 Minutes